Later on that Easter day, on the Road to Emmaus, when two disciples were on their way back home, their hearts were heavy. They were in a dense fog. Perhaps they felt ashamed for abandoning Jesus when he was on the cross. And now, they feel abandoned themselves. But Jesus appears to them on their road of sadness, their road of grief, their road of loneliness, coming as a radiant light, brightening their world, and causing their hearts to burn within. Jesus illuminates the scriptures to them, letting them remember who he is and what needed to take place, providing a ray of hope in the darkest places of their hearts. On that Road to Emmaus, the travelers encounter the deepest love of God, lifting them to new life, healing their souls, loving them into the resurrection.

As the night wears on, the disciples beg Jesus to stay; they do not want to be abandoned again. Even though their eyes still cannot fully recognize who is speaking to them, their hearts know better. Jesus stays, sharing a meal with them. As he takes, blesses, breaks, and gives the bread, their eyes are opened, and they finally see him. In community, Jesus became known. Where these two were gathered, Jesus came into their midst. In the breaking of the Bread, the One Body of Christ, Jesus became alive in them. In their darkest and saddest time, Jesus came to the disciples as the Light of the World, allowing them to fully see the Risen Christ.   

For these disciples, seeing the Risen Christ does not mean they had a full understanding of what this grace meant for them. Theologian John Calvin said, “How we feed on Christ is a mystery too lofty for either my mind to comprehend or my words to declare…I rather experience than understand it.” Seeing the Risen Christ may be like that for us, more of an experience than a full understanding. It is a celebration and remembrance of God's grace and mercy in Jesus, of the resurrection of Christ, and of Christ's real and continuing presence with us. Holy Communion is the sacrament that sustains and nourishes us, providing an opportunity to renew the covenant made with God and to be rededicated to service in Christ. 

We will have many opportunities to share Holy Communion together in April. On April 7th (First Sunday of the Month), and then again on April 14th, as we remember the disciples encountering Jesus on that road. Please come and experience this Sacred Moment of Grace together, connecting us all as the One Body of Christ. As it was for those disciples encountering Christ after their Walk to Emmaus, so it can be for us. Experience the Grace of the Risen Christ! New Life for all! 
Easter Blessings, 
Pastor Roy

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