Old Soul; New Vibe

In 1789 the first Methodist services in Milford, CT, were held in a private home and continued there until 1844. The first Methodist revivals occurred in 1835, and the first wood frame Methodist Church Building was dedicated in 1844. 

From 1835 to 1841, the Methodist Society held services in the “Bristol Shoe Shop.” According to the WPA history published in 1939, History of Milford Connecticut, the worshippers were “frequently disturbed by the hurling of stones and other objects through the windows during those five years. Having a constable at evening services frequently became necessary to maintain order.” 

A new church on the Milford Green was completed and dedicated as “Mary Taylor Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church” on June 25, 1893. The building was a gift from a town patriarch, Henry Augustus Taylor, Jr., and the building was named as a memorial to his mother. 

In 1921, the Myrtle Beach Methodist Chapel was built as a branch of our church. It later became an independent community church in 1929 but re-merged with Mary Taylor United Methodist Church in 1969.