We all are special, unique, loved, gifted. God has blessed us with many gifts. Sometimes, we don't discover what some of them are until later in life. The Spirit guides us and encourages us to not only become aware of our gifts, but also pray about how best to use them.
We are all a part of the One Body, Christ's Body. Just think about your own body for a moment. Do you give thanks for your eyes, your ears, your nose, your hands, your feet? How about your heart or your brain? Your lungs, or your stomach?
Our bodies are amazing. All these parts working together at one time, all the time. And when one part is not working so well, we notice, don't we. When we are sick or injured, our whole body feels bad. When all the parts are healthy and working together, then our bodies sing.
It's like that in our spiritual lives too. We need the whole Body healthy and working together.  Being aware of our gifts and how best to use them is critical. 
This Sunday, come to learn more about our gifts and listen to the stories of how some have been called to use them. We will pray together for God to help direct us with our gifts and talents. Then after service, we will have a Ministry Fair in Dodd Hall, where you can learn more about our ministries and how to use your gifts for the mission of the church, to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. You can even come to help us later that afternoon at our Trunk or Treat, where we will connect with children, families, and our community. What an exciting day together!
See you Sunday.
Pastor Roy

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