This coming Sunday is All Saints Sunday. We will have the opportunity to remember and honor those that have meant so much to us. These saints have helped us in our faith lives, helped us through difficult times, showed us the way through obstacles, celebrated with us, and mentored us all along the way. They listened to us and valued our time, experiences, and gifts. They encouraged us and shared their hope and confidence in us. They gave us an example of who we can be for someone else. Of course, there are people in this life who we celebrate as well. In fact, someone may even celebrate you as their "living saint."
There is something very special about being in communion with the saints who have gone before, even those we never met. Countless people have helped to sacrifice, share, and lead us to be where we are today. And many would say that remembering is a part of eternal life. Do we stop to think about just how blessed we are through the love of these special souls?
Come this Sunday to light a candle and celebrate your saint. Come to experience the grace and love of communion with those present and those that have gone before. Come and join as One Body of Christ that stretches from Heaven to Earth. Come to sing, pray, and share this beautiful, sacred time together. In honor of our saints, feel free to wear white for the service.
See you Sunday.
Pastor Roy