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For many, this long weekend means an extra day to get away or kick back and enjoy without thinking of work and school. But for others, the birthday of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is celebrated as a day of service to others and community.

Several members and friends of our church family are doing just that; serving others through a UMARMY "pop-up" camp, painting and sprucing up Family Rooms at the Beth El Center shelter. What an AWESOME way to honor the memory of the late pastor and civil rights activist. 

Maybe you thought of joining the pop-up camp, but didn't have the flexibility to offer the full weekend to the effort. Another opportunity for service is a Beach Clean-Up, planned for Monday at 12 noon at Gulf Beach. We'll be cleaning up some of the flotsam and jetsam that has washed and blown ashore with the current high winds and tides. So bundle up (wear warm and protective gloves), grab some friends and the family and come on down to take care of a small stretch of Milford's treasured 17.5 miles of coastline, the longest in Connecticut. 

The weather forecast is for sun and temperatures in the 30's (without the wind I can hear howling as I type), so with warm clothes, we should be fine. I'll have bags aplenty, so just bring your bundled selves.   
So who's "IN"? Sign-up isn't necessary, but if you have questions or want to let us know that we can count on you, please email/call me at or 203-215-0470.

And one more way to celebrate this weekend is to come to City Hall on Sunday at 4 PM for "Reflections XXXVII: A Tribute to the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.".


Leigh Bak