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SEPTEMBER 9TH    Rally Day, Blessing of the Backpacks, and Ice Cream Social

Sunday September 9th will kick off the new Sunday School year at 9:00 am!  Sunday School is open to all
ages with classes for our youngest little ones all the way to adults.  A mailing including the  calendar of
events for the new year will be sent home to all returning families.

The Student registration form was enclosed in the August issue of the Beacon (also available on our
website) and in the back of the church, so that you can fill it out and bring it with you on Rally Day.  New this
year!  Blessing of backpacks during worship with a special gift for students to remind them of the spiritual
support they carry into the new year with them.  All learners are welcome to participate - bring your
backpacks!  The day's festivities continue after worship with an ice cream social hosted by the Sunday School
Teachers.    Come one, come all for a sweet treat!

OCTOBER 7TH   Family Worship Service in the Chapel

Save the Date for our first family chapel worship service of the new year at 9:00 am on Sunday     October 7th.  
All ages gather in the chapel for praise music and a worship service geared toward youth.  Never attended
worship in the chapel before?  Consider this your invitation!  Make it an     inter-generational experience!

OCTOBER 21ST    Sunday School Harvest Festival and Trunk or Treat

Save the Date!  For our annual Sunday School Harvest Festival and Trunk or Treat from 3:00 to 5:00 pm on
Sunday October 21st!  Children of all ages are welcome to come dressed in costume (adults too!) and enjoy
games, crafts, music, and "trick or treating" in our church parking lot.  Trunk hosts needed - if you would like
to open your trunk to pass out treats to the kids, please let us know (great job for grandparents)!  See Cathy
Cono (spikkio@optonline.net  or 203-645-2362), Holly Firmender (holly.firmender@gmail.com ) with

Cathy Cono
C: 203-645-2362


10. Sunday School is for grades Kindergarten and up
Infants, toddlers, and preschoolers are invited to attend Sunday School in the nursery which is equipped with
a changing table, pack and play, and age appropriate toys.  Parents are welcome to stay or drop off as
desired.  This class is a great way for new parents to meet each other!

9. Sunday School is for kids only
Not so!  Our Adult Sunday School class meets upstairs for Bible study, discussion of current issues, and
fellowship.  Other opportunities for adults include teaching, substitute teaching, assisting with a family
worship service or seasonal special events.  Why not come to church early one week and check out these
adult Sunday School opportunities?

8. If we attend worship services, there's no reason to come to Sunday School
Au contraire!  Here are just a few of the things that happen in Sunday School that don't happen in worship:
Craft projects, letter writing to our homebound members, offering designated for student-selected missions,
games, and Bible trivia!

7. Sunday School is like school and I get enough school during the week
No homework, no tests, no lockers!  Yes fun classmates, yes caring teachers, yes learning more about God,
Jesus, and our faith!

6. Since I can only go once in a while, it's not worth going at all
We are blessed by each and every student and adult who attends whenever they attend.  Families travel, kids
play sports, work schedules happen.  Each Sunday School lesson stands on its own, so attending
occasionally is no problem!

5. Once I'm confirmed, I've graduated from Sunday School
Your spiritual journey continues!  The high school and teenage years bring new challenges for    students.  
Our older students find an opportunity for candid conversation in a safe environment with their peers and
adult leaders.  Lessons may include current events from a Christian perspective.

4. I have to be a Bible scholar to be a Sunday School teacher
God doesn't call the equipped, he equips the called!  We team teach with 2 or more teachers for each class.  
And we equip all teachers with a curriculum, teacher notebook, Safe Sanctuary training, classroom supplies,
and supportive clergy and staff.  We are blessed to teach the faith to the next generation!

3. Sunday School lessons follow the United Methodist lectionary (scriptures used to guide     Sunday worship)
Each Sunday School class follows its own curriculum and teachers have great flexibility in selecting the
desired modules to use from each week's lesson.  Lessons usually include scripture verses and prayers.

2. Professional teachers make the best Sunday School teachers
Imperfect disciples make the best Sunday School teachers, bringing their unique life experience and faith

1. Only registered students can attend Sunday School
Students are always welcome to invite friends, siblings, cousins, neighbors, sleepover guests to  Sunday
School!  Just like we cast a wide net for our Fall Harvest / Trunk or Treat festival or our Palm Sunday Easter
Egg Hunt, we can cast a wide net on any Sunday morning and be fishers of people!  Adults, that goes for you
too!  Cathy Cono spikkio@optonline.net C: 203-645-2362 .
Sunday School Registration Forms
can be downloaded here:

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