Methodist Youth Fellowship (MYF) is a ministry of the church, welcoming all
youth, providing a fun, safe, spiritual, mission-conscious environment in which
youth grow in their faith and service to their church and their community.

Please contact the church office at (203) 874-1982 or e-mail with any questions about Mary Taylor Memorial UMC
Youth Fellowship.
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A number of the youth of                                                 Mary Taylor are currently in
their confirmation process.                                               Confirmation in The United
Methodist Church is a time                                               of intentional preparation,
leading to the first public                                                   profession of faith. During this
time young persons                                                          "make firm" what has gone
before: God's prevenient                                                    grace, baptism, the teaching
and witness of parents and                                                 other persons of faith, the
teachings and life together in                                              the church, the student's own
growing faith. Youth are                                                    invited to claim for themselves
the name Christian and the name United Methodist. Confirmation is a significant step in the
journey of faith.

Unlike baptism, which is a sacrament, confirmation is a repeatable rite in The United
Methodist Church. Standing before the congregation to profess one's faith as part of a
confirmation ceremony is not limited to only one special time. In addition to confirmation of
younger youth, the Book of Discipline encourages a time of intentional preparation and the
rite of confirmation for older youth as well.

For more information on the history and practice of confirmation in The United Methodist
Church, read Claiming the Name: A Theological and Practical Overview of Confirmation, by
John O. Gooch

Reprinted with permission from Cokesbury