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The Reverend Dr. Brian Bodt
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November, 2017
Spiritual Sojourns

Dear Members and Friends of Mary Taylor Memorial Church,

By Presidential proclamation in 1863, and by an act of Congress in the 1930’s, a date in      November was set aside for a day of
national Thanksgiving.  The first in time of war and the latter in times of economic depression, both describe uncertain days.  
Although the source of uncertainty may have changed, I hear much of people’s fear and weariness, and news reports rarely fill
our lives with hope.

Yet there is much for which we are thankful.  As we enter November and approach our   American Thanksgiving, we again
acknowledge—as we so often sing--“God, from Whom all     blessings flow.”  The attitude of gratitude that is the heart of
thanksgiving both arises from, and in spite of the absence of, many blessings.  When we ask for a grateful heart, then much of
what seems insignificant to the world becomes praiseworthy for the Christian.  Conversely, when our hearts are miserly (our
“eye is evil,” per Matthew 6:23, King James Version) then material and temporal   abundance will never seem enough.

A quick glance at this issue of “The Beacon,” viewing both Sunday mornings and the other many ministry opportunities, makes
it clear we have much for which to give thanks.  I fervently hope you will not miss a Sunday in November, as each service has
blessings abounding.  Yet in the end it is God’s gift of love that is supreme, rendering us mute in awe of God’s great
benevolence.  In the words of a Passover prayer:

Even if our mouths were filled with songs like the sea, our tongues with joy like its mighty waves,
Our lips with praise like the breadth of the sky, if our eyes shone like the sun and the moon,
And our hands were spread out like the eagles of heaven, If our feet were as swift as the mind:
We should still be incapable of thanking God adequately for
one-thousandth part of all the love God has shown us.

Sincerely in Christ,

Pastor Brian
Rev. Dr. Brian R. Bodt