Dear New Friends in Christ,  As I prepare to come among you as your
shepherd under Christ, I am excited and filled with holy anticipation.I
am privileged to be joining you on your journey of faith, and entering
the stream of your concerns, your growth in Christ, you dreams, your
visions, your hopes. Over the next several years, we will come to know
each other in deep and meaningful ways. It is my hope that we will have
fun on this path ahead of us, that we will laugh often and fully; that we
will cry together not only in sorrow but also in joy; that we will discover
new dimensions of God’s grace in our midst; that we will be open to each
other and to the incredible power of the Holy Spirit of the living God; and
that we will fulfill the hope God has for us in Milford and in the world.

My son Brian Andrew (who will be 19 in August) will be with me, as he starts his course of study at
DeVry Institute in Manhattan in September. He is an avid computer gamer. He had his closest friends in
the Church Youth Group in Goshen. His faith is deepening, and he has a loving spirit. He was an  
assistant teacher in the 4th-6th grade Sunday School class, and is learning  simulcast programming on
his computer, with the hopes of bringing worship live into the homes of the sick and shut-in
(unfortunately often shut-out from the life of the church). Perhaps this is an area in which others in
Milford already have interest, and he will enjoy joining with you.

My daughter Sarah Emily (25 years old) lives and works in Denver, Colorado .After graduating from
Dickinson College in 2005 with a degree in French, she went on to become certified as a massage
therapist. She currently works for Remax Realty and for a spa on weekends. A member of the French
Alliance in Denver, she is hoping to return to graduate school for a Masters Degree in French, with
which she plans to teach either French in a high school or in a program of ESL. She has a trained
operatic voice, and is also an oboist and pianist. (Sorry Rick – she won’t be back east very often!)

One of my big joys in ministry is children and youth. Young souls are so open and honest, and I believe
we as adults can offer incredible gifts of faith and joy to these little ones; sadly, by a thoughtless word or
deed, we can also cause deep woundedness to them as well.I delight in the adventures and the dreams of
our youngest members, and recognize them not as the church of tomorrow, but as an important part of
the church of today.

I also enjoy creativity in worship. After seminary I returned to graduate school and earned a Master of
Philosophy degree in liturgical studies. I enjoy music immensely; I write both lyrics and tunes; I sing
(now more alto than soprano) and read music; I play clarinet and piano. Although totally in love with the  
liturgies and hymns of the past, I also truly value contemporary hymnody and liturgy that is real for the
present. I hope to share much of this training with the committee on worship and with the larger church
over the coming years.

A third focus in my ministry is healing. As a licensed professional nurse in my early years, and with
many years of ministry under my belt (or stole!), I am finding the depth of healing possible in lives
damaged and wounded by each one’s past.I have just completed a two year course in gestalt pastoral
care with the Rev. Tilda Norberg, and am enrolled in another year of gpc practicum. These learnings I
hope to share with our healing team, and to offer a beginner course to those who are interested in
pastoral care, but have not yet had the training. I am also a certified disaster chaplain with the NY Annual

As I have grown in ministry, I have discovered that the job of Messiah is already taken! I therefore have
little need to be “top dog”, but rather enjoy a collegial style of ministry. It is more meaningful to me to  
resource others in their ministry than to do it for them. I am delighted to know that the Natural Church
Development course that you are already pursuing has highlighted this need among you.I invite your
requests for resourcing and guidance in your ministry, that you might feel the full power of God at work
in your lives. As we grow in our capacities as ministers/ambassadors of Christ, we must be wary of
coming unglued as a cohesive church.  Therefore, some of our structures may adapt so that we are in
accord with one another and not messing each other up as we serve Christ together.

The Bible is our grounding in God’s history and future.I am constantly awed by the depth of meaning in
the metaphors of Scripture. There is richness in those writings if we dig deeply and have our hearts open
to more than the surface wording. Each text must be taken in its context if we are to extrapolate meaning
for today’s living. Bible study is the foundation of Christian living. As such, I invite our whole              
congregation to be actively engaged in studying God’s Word to us. I also believe that God’s revelation
did not end with the canonization of Scripture, but is unfolding in our lives each day. Thus, we need to
be open to how and where God is leading us today and tomorrow, and not try to live in the context of an
antique society.

Wow – there is so much more to share with you, but this is an appetizer! I am so looking forward to our
journey together, and pray that you will receive me and my family into your hearts and spirits, that we
may fulfill God’s purpose for such a time as this!  

Love in Christ,
Pastor Ginny

The Reverend Virgina C. Hoch
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