Who We Are

The Pastoral Care Team at Mary Taylor Memorial United Methodist Church is
composed of church members who have committed their time and care to help
others through the ordinary and extraordinary challenges of life. Team members are
available to listen, express concern and love, and point the way to further resources.

What We Offer

Team members provide a listening ear, so that individuals can express the feelings
and fears related to their current life circumstances, as well as sharing the joys that
life brings. Often team members will be able to help others find resources in the
community that are appropriate to the needs of the moment.

Pastoral Care Team members are not counselors, and their care should not be
considered a substitute for professional counseling if that is appropriate. The Pastoral
Care Team offers companionship on the journey of life and faith, knowing that God
in Jesus Christ walks with us as well.

Our Mandate

Jesus called men and women to be disciples, learning from him that they might serve
in God’s name. He sent his disciples into the world to heal and share the good news
of God’s grace and love. Ever since the church began, followers of Jesus have
offered hope and help to their sisters and brothers in the name of Jesus.
(see Acts 3:1-10)

Our membership vows call us to work against all the conditions that hurt or diminish
human life and to provide for each other “a community of love and forgiveness that
we may grow in our trust of God.”  Lay pastoral care is an expression of that

Why “Pastoral?”

The word “Pastor” comes from the Latin and means “shepherd.” Jesus is our chief
pastor or shepherd, the one who watches over God’s children. In caring for one
another, we are continuing the “pastoral” ministry of Jesus. Team members work
alongside the ordained pastor of the church, sharing a caring ministry. Neither is a
substitute for the other.

Ways We Serve

A Pastoral Caregiver might be found serving in any of the following ways:
Visiting a hospital patient.
Waiting at the hospital with family members while a loved one undergoes surgery.
Spending time with persons in the weeks and months after the death of a loved one.
Taking Holy Communion to homebound persons.
Making a friendly visit to an elderly person or one who lives alone.
Leading a worship service at Wicke Health Center, a United Methodist nursing home
in Shelton.
Providing friendship and support for a new mother or single parent.
Having coffee or lunch with a person who just needs a listening ear.

How to Request Care

To request care from a Team member, contact the Church Office at 203-874-1982
or e-mail
168 Broad Street
Milford, CT 06460
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