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                                                    DENTAL CLINIC IN FURCY HAITI

Tina Gage, DMD and Leigh Bak, APRN are returning to Furcy Haiti in late March. The focus of
this trip will be a Dental Clinic, similar to their February 2017 trip.

Many of you understand that for our friends in Furcy, Tina’s visit two years ago was their
first  opportunity for dental care in their life. There was a lot of cleaning and scaling going
on in the clinic, but unfortunately, too many tooth extractions as well. In the village of Furcy,
food is scarce for all, and a stalk of raw sugar cane is sometimes the only food available.
That coupled with the lack of  preventative dental care leads to extensive decay and tooth

In addition to the dental clinic, part of our trip will focus on teaching about preventative oral
hygiene. In preparation for our trip, we’ll be collecting:

Toothbrushes (adult and child), toothpaste & dental floss

We’ll also be bringing the generous “Reverse Advent Calendar” donations given by our
Sunday School and congregation.

In addition we’ll bring a variety of items to help the women of Furcy create handcrafted
items to sell and raise money to support their families. These items include:

Acrylic yarns, knitting needles, crochet hooks, embroidery floss, hoops & needles
Can you help provide any of these items? Or perhaps give a monetary gift or gift card to
purchase some of these items?

       A suitcase will be In Dodd Hall throughout February & March for our collections.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, please hold our friends in Furcy in your prayers.
While they may be  financially “poor” by our standards, they are beautiful children of God
who are exceedingly hard-working, incredibly loving and very rich in faith.