In response to God's call to love our neighbor, we
have established a covenant with caring people
and organizations in our local communities and
throughout the world. Currently, our ministry
emphasis is with Covenant To Care, missionaries
in South Africa, Appalachian families, children in
need, and the homeless and hungry in our

"Could I ever be a Missionary?" Have you ever
asked yourself this question? Maybe you cannot
be a full-time missionary, but what about just 2 or
3 weeks? VIM (Volunteers in Mission), sponsored
by the United Methodist Annual Conference,
offers missionary opportunities each year. Learn
more about volunteering for VIM at

To find out how you can spread God's love
throughout our community, visit our Outreach
Opportunity page.  Reachout to organizations that
are looking for volunteers, mentors, or donations.


Read about the VIM trip to Biloxi, Mississippi  - THE DREAM TEAM
with a heart for missions and outreach please
join us and see what we're all about!  We are
planning to meet every third Monday of each
month in Wesley Center, first floor. Contact Co-
Chairs Carol or Jane through the Church Office
at 874-1982 or email

We will be working on our Missions
We are setting up a date to have a
conversation about IRIS (Integrated Refugee
and Immigrant Services) support and
involvement soon.
We are also
looking into participating in a "Midnight Run" for
the homeless in New Haven, and possibly
We hope to have a date soon for a Catalyst
Foundation Vietnam Missions Trip
Lastly, we are beginning to talk about
another Biloxi trip for next December…

As always we thank God for your support and
prayers that are the "wind
beneath our wings." -In Christ's Love, Carol W.
168 Broad Street                                                                                                          
Milford, CT 06460                                                                                               
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The Catalyst Foundation completed its Vietnam Aid Expedition  on March 30, 2008. This
was a truly amazing and rewarding trip. To fund the expedition, the volunteers raised $53,000
and brought hundreds of pounds of priceless in-kind donations.

The group of 95 volunteers & translators were broken up into 3 teams:

The Distribution Team: Delivered 250 new bikes to children in our scholarship program, 280
families received enough rice, dried beans, sugar, noodles and some candy to feed a family of
5 for a month.  Over 1000 "fun bags" (toy, stickers, clothes, toothpaste & toothbrush etc.) were
delivered to the children.

The Building Team: In 5 days, 4 new houses were started, 5 houses were renovated, and we
funded the construction of  new houses.

The Medical Team: in 6 days we saw 1,367 patients for medical check ups. Many people had  
parasites, suffered from back pain from working in the dump. A medical history was done on
each patient. Everyone saw a nurse, some needed to see the doctor, and most people
received some form of medication.
After all our work was done, we held a camp-out for 350 VN children & their chaperone. This
was a wonderful trip to the ocean filled with games and sandcastles.  A trip of a lifetime for
these children.

To all of our Mary Taylor Family--Thank you for being a Catalyst for change!