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Trash to Treasures

Donations can be made on Sundays after church for the Oyster Festival sale.

TRASH AND TREASURES is now accepting your donations until AUGUST 10, THE LAST DAY to donate before the Oyster
Festival.  We’ll be at church Thursdays 9 am until at least          1 pm.  Give yourself more space in your house and garage
by donating those unused items.  

MANY THANKS to those of you who gave us guidelines, history hints or measurements of items you donated!  It’s a big
help!  We average 6 to 7 volunteers each week to prepare donations for sale.  Your generosity keeps us busy, your hints
save us much time!

A big thank you for:     
marking linens (twin, queen, king), saving us a lot of measuring time
marking jewelry and other items that have exceptional value
identifying or giving a history for unusual items
washing glassware and dishes
cleaning all items before donating them
donating small bags with zippers or snaps to package linen donations
holding off donating plastic and paper grocery bags
before donating ANY large OR heavy items, please call Dolly Bonisch, 203-783-9952.  

SUMMER CLOTHING, HANGERS, automotive parts, beverages, car seats, winter clothing in poor or soiled condition,
commodes, computers, entertainment centers (large), exercise machines (large), food,  helmets of any kind, hospital
beds, mattresses, obsolete editions of educational books, old computer books, old printers, propane tanks of any size
and items in very poor condition, with   missing parts or in need of repair.

Items too large for T&T to handle can be donated to Helping Hands Community Thrift Store and Furniture Bank in
Orange.  If you have an item that is too big for Trash and Treasures to handle, please call Dolly Bonisch, 203-783-9952,
for more details and to make sure Mary Taylor gets a   portion of the sale price.