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Stewardship Moment
from Sunday 01/22/2017,

Warning: tissue alert.

It’s not too early to be thinking about who you might like to invite for our fourth consecutive year of “Friends and Family Sunday.”  This year’s observance will be Sunday, April 2nd at
10 a.m. worship.
“Friends and Family Sunday” is based on three ideas.  The first idea is that we love our church, take pride in it, and want to share it with our friends and family.  Some of them will
have church homes of their own.  We respect those commitments and, at the same time, want to “show off” what makes our church special.

The second idea is that there are some people who do not have a church home but might      consider finding one here.  It is our privilege to invite them.  The approach of Holy Week
and Easter is one of the three top seasons in which people without a church home look for one (Christmas and early September are the two others).

The third idea is that our own members sometimes drift away from active church life.  This Sunday is a less conspicuous way to re-enter since attendance is usually higher than

We are planning a light luncheon after worship for which no reservations are needed!

What we need from you is to invite someone to join you that day.  You don’t have to “get them there.”  Just say, “I love my church and would love it if you would be my guest in
worship.”  By the time you read this we’ll have business-card sized invitations for you to share.  Call the church office or see us in worship.

Please allow this invitation to be a channel of God’s love for you.   Whether you are able to  attend or not, please pray for our church and its mission of spreading the good news of
God in Christ.   May God bless and keep you, day by day.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Rev. Dr. Brian R. Bodt                Sandy Morgan and Holly Firmender
Pastor                                           Co- Chairs, Membership and Evangelism