Monday –Friday, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.  

    Please note that when only one staff person is in
    the Wesley Center during office hours the
    building will be locked.  If you find this, please call
    the office (203.874.1982) or ring the bell on the
    Broad Street side of  the Wesley Center.  
We welcome all of God's children. persons of every race, culture, class, age, sexual orientation and gender identify, socio-economic condition.

As United Methodists, we practice an open table: all who believe in Christ, whether United Methodist or another denomination, are welcome to
fully participate in this Sacrament of faith.  Children are welcome to receive.  We use grape juice and gluten free bread so for those whom
alcohol or gluten is a difficulty will not be prevented from receiving.  This is truly the Lord's table, open to all on their journey of faith.  

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To alert the pastors in advance of the surgery, call or
or Pastor Hal (203-878-8977;

…if you are hospitalized and desire a visit by one of the
pastors in the hospital, call or e-mail the church office
or Pastor Brian or Pastor Hal.

….if you are home-bound after discharge and desire a
home visit, call or e-mail the church office or Pastor
Brian or Pastor Hal.
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