Cancellations at Mary Taylor typically fall into one of two categories.  

Specific cancellations: these are group/event specific.  Typically groups will be notified by e-mail or
telephone call.

General cancellations: these are broader events, such as the postponement of Sunday School.  Our
members should operate on the assumption that worship will not be cancelled.

Cancellation decisions are typically made by the event leader.  A general cancellation typically   
involves consultation among various leaders prior to a decision being posted.  One key               
consideration is the clearing of the parking lot and walkways of snow and ice.

Whether or not an event proceeds, the ultimate determination of one’s ability to travel and the risks
undertaken thereby is the individual.  We trust people will use prudence in taking all the variables of
their particular situation into consideration.

With general cancellations, we will post on the following: the church website:
MTMUMC Yahoo groups

And these media outlets:
WFSB – Channel 03 Hartford/New Haven County
- Channel 06  Hartford/New Haven County
WTNH - Channel 08/MyTV9  New Haven/Fairfield County
News 12 –Channel 12 Fairfield/New Haven County
Connecticut Weather – On Radio WiCC600 and WEBE108

When possible we will use e-mail and change the outgoing church telephone message.  The latter
requires someone being on-site.

Stay safe!

Pastor Brian